Krystina Marie Price
Publisher/Baby Boomer/Journalist


Years ago, my life trajectory changed when as West Coast Manager for Global Traveler Magazine, I won a lay-down seat to Kuala Lumpur, - on Malaysia Air - in business class.  I've traveled back to Malaysia and Thailand many times, and on to Turkey, Cuba, and Tijuana, and beyond for Healthcare Conferences. Gratefully, often as a guest of Malaysia or Thai Tourism, I was covering the latest in Medical anti-aging and dental. For more, visit one of my first blogs. 

They got to know me so well at Bangkok's Yanhee Hospital, Dr. Naypa invited me to become their U.S. Representative.

Yanhee International Hospital - Doctors practicing 24/7 - all in one place.

Through trial and error, I've learned to trust Yanhee for affordable check-ups, holistic detox, beautification, and particularly dental. There were 52 dentists on the dental floor-up from 40 on the last visit, during the expansion of their international wing.

Second opinion? Ever had a melanoma check? Yanhee's Dermatology department can help with removing age spots, skin tags, and moles all over your body. Executive Physicals beyond what’s normally available in the U.S., - at very modest prices.

LGBTQ- friendly, Yanhee is #3 in the world for transgender surgery.  Face-lift or tummy tucks are easy fixin’ for all genders.

Diver? Yanhee has the most hyperbaric chambers in all of Asia.

Any questions or concerns? The years go by and our association continues. I'm here for ya, - in real U.S. time to set up your initial appointment with Yanhee. There is no secret fee or obligation.

Call or text: 310 773 1553