October 27, 2018 /

A few years ago, I attended an extraordinary Medical Conference in Kuala Lumpur. They also included me on a side trip to the hospitals in Johar, while I enjoyed the beautiful countryside and Marina. I remember thinking, “I could live very happily here.”

I had visited KL before, so I decided to squeeze in a few days experiencing Ayurvedic Medicine at the Mines Wellness Hotel, just outside of KL.

Once one of the world’s largest tin mines, it was a Health Resort when I stayed. Today it looks like a resident wellness center for locals. They’re looking for investors. Google them for more info.

I also took a chance at staying at a wonderful boutique hotel I found.  It was not only affordable but also had shuttles to and from the airport for a few dollars more. It really is, YouniQ:

In the spirit of Halloween, just for fun and entertainment, here’s a clever little video they created…

In the meantime, thanks to Peter Greenberg’s videos, I can show you what Medical Tourism and Wellness in Malaysia looks like:

The MHTC, (Malaysian Health Travel Center) provides medical travelers with easy access to all the information needed in order to have a comfortable and fruitful stay in Malaysia.