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Dental work completed, I was delighted to connect with Dr. Jorge Serrano, one of the Directors of

Dr. Serrano and I met at a MediTourExpo in Las Vegas. Coincidentally, one of the group’s facilities is located in the Grand Hotel. All the conveniences in one “Grand” location for both, AmericanBio and BajaMed at the Grand Hotel Tower. Another bonus is being able to pick up prescription medicines at greatly reduced prices.

Farmacias National is located in the lobby level of the Grand Hotel Mall.

The handsome and charming Dr. Serrano hooked me up with Dr. Francisco Gonzalez, Bariatric Surgeon in Tijuana for the last 15 years, who was equally as good looking and most charming, as well. Dr. Gonzalez is so obviously dedicated to his profession and passionate about the benefits and results of Bariatric Surgery for his patients.

BajaMedGroup is located on the 16th floor of the Grand Hotel Mall, a quick elevator ride up from AmericanBioDental. The day/outpatient and longer stay rooms are comfortably appointed with incredible views of this growing city. The busy operating room is first class. Safety from hospital-acquired infections is assured because the numbers in Tijuana are less than 1%. Whereas, in the US, UK, and Canada, hospital-acquired infections are astounding – more than 60% – reason enough to consider surgery in Mexico.

Cost for Bariatric surgery at JajaMedGroup is around $6,000. compared to the U.S., where prices range anywhere from $17,000. – $35,000. depending upon which state you choose to have the procedure. That’s an incredible saving! The website also offers a payment plan.

I’m not affiliated with BajaMedGroup, but as I discover more information, I’m considering it for the future. I was really impressed with the education, experience, and caliber of these Mexican surgeons, as well as their idea of a follow-up. Questions? I took a few photos. Don’t hesitate to check out their website for more info and better pix.




  1. wp_admin on June 4, 2012 at 10:58 pm

    A gynecologist is also part of this group, as well as a few well known hospitals. I'll be learning more on my next visit, so ya all come back soon, ya hear?

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