Wellness Holiday in Thailand

Healthy luxuries in Thailand

It’s worth penny-pinching most of the time, to enjoy travel and some of life’s luxuries, like the time I spend getting daily massages in Thailand.

Less than. $10. for an hour long foot massage in Thailand.

Foot massage in Thailand

Breakfast Buffet at Park Plaza in Bangkok, Thailand

Park Plaza Soi 18, Bangkok, Thailand

In Thailand, wonderful hotels are affordable. In Bangkok, I’m especially fond of the rooftop pool and the views at the Park Plazas in Sukhumvit (tourist area). Daily breakfast buffets include a variety of yogurts, traditional fruits, and often exotics like mangosteen, known only in this part of the world. The coffee is individually brewed and regularly topped off. Bacon is camera ready, eggs are cooked to perfection, warm loaves of bread, balls of butter.

Thailand & Air BnB

Last year, instead of a hotel in the tourist area in Bangkok, I used Airbnb to book two different luxury condos near the weekend market. Both had air-conditioned gyms and shaded pools. The view from my balcony was of the daily goings on of local shops and street food vendors. There are plenty of 711s and giant grocery stores.  Fact is, there’s so much luscious food offered everywhere you go, you never be hungry for long! I loved every minute of enjoying life as a local. Don’t hesitate to rent from Airbnb

But what if something happens?

Take my word for it, healthcare in Thailand is tops! Bangkok’s hospitals are some of the best in the world.  One of my very own studies was created for Thai Tourism, years ago, www.BBAblog.com


Yanhee International Desk – Waiting just for you

It’s always such a relief to check in and receive a warm welcome from my English speaking team when I arrive for appointments. Even when I bypass the desk, someone always shows up to help. News gets around fast…

Yanhee International Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand

Faster than bullets

42 Dentists on One floor

Often included in my Bangkok travel plans is an appointment with Dr. Kamala, my dentist of choice. She’s just as fussy as I am, so I’m never disappointed with her professional, creative craftsmanship and dedication.

Our teeth age along with the rest of our body. Healthy, white teeth are a sign of youth and vitality. Dr. Kamala helps me keep what I’ve got looking good and healthy.  The only surprise is always the affordable final cost at Yanhee.

Me & Dr. Kamala 2017

Thank you, Dr. Kamala, for your honest assessments, your talented hands, your eye for perfection, and especially for accommodating my schedule!

And thanks to the team of excellent doctors and hospital administrators at Yanhee who have taught me a precious lot about the beautiful possibilities of Western Healthcare in Thailand.

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