We're on our way, Feb. 16th or 17th

Well, it’s time to schedule another cleaning at American Bio Dental. I am also replacing a old filling. The best date for me is either, Thursday, February 17th or Friday, February 18th. If you are planing to to join me, let me know which date you prefer, ASAP. I will be driving my Volvo from Santa Monica, and have room for three passengers. We’ll share the cost of petro. If you prefer to drive you own car and bring along a friend or two, let me know so I can schedule time for you all at the clinic, as well as touch base on where we will meet, and logistics before we take off. The program is the same. I/we will be parking at the lot in San Ysidro, pictured in the slideshow and walking over the border. Some have asked about blood tests. There is a lab in the Grand Hotel that charges approximately $50.00 per panel. In the future, I will be returning to Tijuana approximately every three(3) months for cleanings. I will will announce the dates, here on this blog. You are welcome to join me in the Volvo. I’ve also connected with a driver, here in Santa Monica, with a passenger license, to make the trip once a month in the future. It all depends on demand. Get back to me ASAP, by responding to this email, or call me directly: 310 451 3358. Looking forward to tripping with you soon… 😉

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  1. shaina on November 20, 2016 at 3:37 am

    are you still happy with the work you had done at this clinic, looking into it but hearing mixed reviews please email me @ muahh.bob@gmail.com

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